Witt by Livall Smart Helmet

The Witt by Livall BH51T smart and safe urban cycle helmet is a smart lightweight helmet. With automatic inductive LED safety lighting with 270° visibility including turn signal indicators makes this helmet perfect for the urban commute.

Suggested retail price

DKK 899,00

Award winning technlogy

The LIVALL BH51 has won a multitude of awards including ‘Product of the Year’ in the Urban category at ISPO Munich 2018 (the largest trade fair for sports business in Europe) for urban commuter cyclists. Earlier in January 2018 this helmet won ‘Tech for a Better World’ Innovation Award at CES in Las Vegas and In 2017 the helmet won the overall ‘Accessories Award’ at Eurobike and the ‘Sports Device’ IFA Innovation Award. 


Never before has a helmet provided this musch safety as now. You’ll get assistance if you should suffer an unexpected fall as the helmet reacts to immediate changes in speed. The helmet will (if set up) send your map location to your emergency contact should it sense you have suffered a fall. As a “woops”-safety , this alert can be cancelled within a 90 second warning countdown. Having this technological addition to your helmet is like having a guardian angel hovering you on  your ride.

Airflow and ventilation

The most common problem with bicycle helmets is the ventilation. Most of the time there’s not enough ventilation but occassionally there’s also to much. The Witt by Livall helmet has a great ventilation, that makes sure that cool air enters in the front and the excess warmth will exit in the back.

Remote operations

Control the turn signal of your helmet with the remote attached to your handle bar. In addition you have got the SOS-button for emergency situations such as your own or others.

Rear Lights & turn signal

Builtin sensors makes sure that the rear LED light bar activates automatically when dark.

The linear light bar creates a very noticable bright pattern which indicates the direction of the cyclist. This is easily controlled by the handle bar remote control.

The lights are seen at a 270° view, which alerts vehicles and pedestrians around you both day and night. This provides maximum warning, protecting you as much as possible.

Vintage look

The Witt by Livall is a modern urban cycling helmet with great ventilation which includes a moscuito net, and a cool vintage looking shade made from quality PU leather.


  • Size 54-57cm
  • Color Sandstone Grey, Space Black
  • Visibility 270° visible LED lighting
  • Rear light Automatic
  • Turn Signal Remote controlled LED
  • Alerts SOS alert in case of an accident
  • Waterproof IPX4
  • Weight 470 g





Witt by Livall Multifunction Helmet

Witt by Livall Smart Helmet

Witt by Livall Urban cycle helmets

The Witt by Livall urban cycle helmet is a multifunctional lightweight helmet that combines both safety and connectivity. With automatic inductive LED safety lighting with 270° visibility including turn signal indicators, handlebar remote control.

The Multifunction Helmet adds stereo speakers and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone makes this helmet perfect for the urban commute.

Small (80cm)

Medium (120cm)

Large (160cm)


This  is an innovative multilayer textile-based lock, composed of several layers of high-tech materials, making it flexible and lightweight but still as secure as steel. Each layer adds its own special property, like resistence to fire, cutting or striking.

2 lock sizes, 3 chain lengths,  4 awesome colors.

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