Coboc Torino 527


[ˈɡravəl], riding off the road with a smile on your face.

Turn right and leave everyday life on the left. The wind on your skin and the grin on your face. No cars, no noise, just the chirping of the birds, the rhythmic breathing in the clear air and the sunbeams pushing through the treetops.

Gravel – you are the adventure that starts right behind the city limits.

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The Coboc Electric Drive

Every Coboc Bike adapts perfectly to its rider and the conditions. The signals from the sensitive torque sensor are translated by our specially developed algorithms so that the drive always provides exactly the right support. Automatic, intuitive and stepless. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding feeling – like riding a bicycle, only with support.

Always further

Low weight equals low range? Not with Coboc. Our battery pack with 352 Wh integrated in the down tube takes you 70 km to 100 km, depending on topography and driving style. Our sophisticated battery management system makes sure of it.

As simple as it gets

You won't find a complicated control unit on Coboc bikes. With a single button under the LEDs, the Electric Drive can be switched on and off, the driving profile can be changed and the lighting system can be operated.

Five in a row

No confusing display, only five LEDs, which show you the charge status of the battery at any time clearly visible. Light signals show actions such as switching on and off or selecting the driving mode.

Your Coboc, your ride

More support while starting up? A little less at the top? With the Coboc App the Electric Drive can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. These can be stored in two different driving profiles.

Charging made easy

The practical magnetic plug finds its way into the charging socket as if by magic. The charger is included with every Coboc Bike and works at any socket. No more tedious handling with an external battery and the battery is charged after only two hours.

On track, on the move

If you mount your smartphone to the stem or handlebar, the Coboc App becomes a navigation system. It also displays other useful information such as speed, range, engine power and battery temperature.


  • CHARGING TIME: 2,5 hours
  • ELECTRICAL DRIVE: 250 W / 500 W peak
  • RANGE: 75 km up to 110 km
  • FRAME: Aluminium 6000
  • COLOR: Giro Grey, Atlas Black
  • FORK: Carbon, straight design
  • MECHANICAL DRIVE: SRAM APEX 1, 11-speed 40T / 11-42
  • BRAKES: SRAM APEX 1, 160 mm hydr. disc brake
  • HEADLIGHT: Supernova E-Bike Mini 2
  • REAR LIGHT: Coboc Design frame-integrated
  • RACK: Coboc Design (optional)
  • FENDERS: Curana C-Lite, 55 mm (optional)
  • TIRES: WTB Byway 47-584 (650B)
  • PEDALS: Coboc URBs, CNC Aluminium
  • WEIGHT: 14.1 kg
  • SIZES: 
    M: 168 cm up to 180 cm
    L: 178 cm up to 188 cm
    XL: 188 cm up to 200 cm





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