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At Witt we are devoted to great design, unique features and smart solutions. We have a strong focus on market trends always looking for opportunities to offer outstanding products to the markets.

With our ever present passionate approach to exciting products and markets we have entered the e-bike business with a mission of offering beautiful designed products with smart solutions appealing to all kinds of e-commuters.

As the way of daily transportation rapidly changes adapting to increasing population, infrastructural pressure and environmental focus, we want to provide our customers with e-bikes that not only are aesthetic, functional, durable and smart but also accessible.

We are passionate about our e-bikes. They are made from a user perspective fitting to the exact intended use regardless of where you live and for what purpose and need you may have.

We continuously search for new developments pushing the commuting experience to the next level. Always from an end-user perspective.

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Witt by Livall Multifunction Helmet

Witt by Livall Smart Helmet

Witt by Livall Urban cycle helmets

The Witt by Livall urban cycle helmet is a multifunctional lightweight helmet that combines both safety and connectivity. With automatic inductive LED safety lighting with 270° visibility including turn signal indicators, handlebar remote control.

The Multifunction Helmet adds stereo speakers and Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone makes this helmet perfect for the urban commute.

Small (80cm)

Medium (120cm)

Large (160cm)


This  is an innovative multilayer textile-based lock, composed of several layers of high-tech materials, making it flexible and lightweight but still as secure as steel. Each layer adds its own special property, like resistence to fire, cutting or striking.

2 lock sizes, 3 chain lengths,  4 awesome colors.

Copenhagen Bike Show bundle 

VALUE DKK 4.097,-

This amazing bundle adds 3 great products worth DKK 4.097,- to your e-bike purchase